Monthly Meeting Location

The current location in 2023 for the HVFM monthly meeting is at the
Faith United Church
at 842 Main St. E, Hamilton, on the south side of the street.
The nearest intersection is Springer Ave.
See Map Below

Hamilton Video and Film Makers
History of Hamilton Video Film Makers
The club was formed in 1938 as the Hamilton Movie Club, and has seen the transition from expensive, complicated film to the easy point and shoot reality of today. This meant progressing from 16 mm. through 8 mm., Super8, and most recently, the various incarnations of video.In spite of the ease by which video can be produced today, there is much more involved with producing good video than simply pointing and shooting. Proper videography involves focal length, lighting, manual and automatic focus, subject matter, background, and let us not forget, the other half of videography, which is audio. At the HVFM, you will find a wealth of knowledge freely offered from our professional members, and our serious amateur camera enthusiasts. You’ll find people who love film and video, and love talking about it in our friendly environment. No matter what your level of knowledge on the subject, the HVFM members are welcoming and helpful.

Membership fluctuates, of course, but as of 2023, about twenty members, from as far afield as Brantford, Markham, Niagara Falls, Simcoe, Toronto, Welland, Woodstock, and even Barrie, attend ten regular meetings at 7pm on the first Monday of every month at 842 Main St. E in Hamilton, ON

842 Main St. E, Hamilton, Ontario. Doors open 7:00 PM – Meeting starts 7:30 PM.

Park out front, or next door at the the back of Talka Credit Union (after 6:30 PM).

Enter in the far back door from Springer Ave.

Faith United Church Map for HVFM meetings starting 2023


HVFM Executive Members (2023)

  • Paul Bentley – Interim President
  • Dave Stewart – Sage Advice
  • Ray Bayliss – Newsletter, Photos
  • Ben Leoneti – MC Chair
  • Anne Thompson – Refreshments and Enforcement
  • Rick Doelle – Underwater Explorer
  • Alex Szatmary- International Relations